Clearance Sale – A Pamphlet of the Lyrics

The vantage point of height, it let him be
kingpin, Roachie, leader of the pack,
a bully, though he never bullied me.
Would he name me as his friend when looking back?

Steven Roach, from the album Clearance Sale

All the lyrics of O’Reilly & Vincent songs were originally verses that Rod had written and worked on over the last several years. They were set to music by Finn when he came to visit in April 2019. They evolved into the body of work for our first album, Clearance Sale. Many of the songs are stories of characters past and present in Rod’s life. Steven Roach, for example, is the story of one of the “toughies” that Rod befriended in order to avoid being bullied when he was a pupil at the “Basingstoke High School For Girls” (now The Costello School).

To celebrate the fact that the songs are now ready for release in the new year, we’ve published a pamphlet of the lyrics for all the songs on Clearance Sale.

We’ve done it as a limited edition of 250 copies, all numbered and beautifully printed by St Leonard’s Press here in Ludlow.

The pamphlet will be on sale at our gigs, the first of which is on Saturday 4th Jan 2020 at The Wheatsheaf in Ludlow but if you’d like one, please let us know via our contact page. We’d happily swap you a copy for £5. Their arrival today was like receiving 250 Christmas cards in one delivery.

O'Reilly & Vincent writing at the piano