In The Studio

Over this summer and autumn we’ve been immersed in the Oxford Lane Studio in Dublin.

It has been a joy to watch the songs evolve from the original acoustic versions we recorded on Rod’s phone. Like baking a cake, each new ingredient adds to the flavour. Electric guitar parts, keyboards, backing vocals, drums and sometimes other percussion. The “Orc Drum” on the song The Lecture, surprised us. It’s a journey of constant decision making as different versions are tested and tasted. We’ve learnt a lot. Later, like a cake the song is mixed by Brendan “Can-I-just-suggest” Jenkinson. Brendan is a patient and skilled engineer/producer. He has offered countless imaginative arrangements for the songs, taking them in directions we didn’t anticipate.

Brendan is also a fine musician, playing some of the keyboards along with Finn. Together with our amazing drummer, Brendan Doherty, he has been dedicated to helping the music to be the best we can make it.

We are now adding finishing touches. Brendan is doing more mixes before they go for mastering. That’s the icing.

That cake will soon be ready to eat!

Over the past few months, Rod, Finn and I have met up in my studio to record this album. We all worked tirelessly to achieve the best results, with Finn delivering the very best performances he could muster in any given moment. I was constantly impressed with Finn’s ability to see the big picture, while still being fully tuned into the emotional framework of the song, the core which drives his performances. This is not an easy act to balance! It requires an awareness of one’s own ego, and how best to serve the song. Finn’s decisions ultimately served the song first and I found this very impressive. I was similarly impressed with Rod’s ability to part from his expectations or visions of the songs once it was clear the recording process was moving in a slightly different direction to what he had envisaged. I believe this is a necessary element in the creation of great music.

Brendan Jenkinson, Oxford Lane Studio