‘Anna stank of apples, she stank good.’

The song is set on an apple farm in Australia. But we didn’t have the budget to film there. So we went to Spain. Please don’t tell anybody.

We landed in northern Catalonia with no idea how to find orchards to film in. We stopped at a fruit and veg stall along the road and spoke to a woman named Alba who happened to own two apple farms. She kindly allowed us to film on her land, coming and going as we pleased – what a wonderful woman! She also let us film the shack next to her stall which we used as Anna’s hut in the video. If you read this, thank you Alba.

Finn had problems with his flight and couldn’t get a guitar out to Spain so Rod hired both an electric and an acoustic guitar for the week for 40 euros. The acoustic was unplayable but, by fortune, looks identical to Finn’s usual guitar ‘Uncle John’ (inherited by Rod’s partner Jess from her favourite uncle – John).

And we stumbled on the opportunity to film an emu and a wallaby to complete our Catalonia to Australia makeover. We happened to drive past an Australian themed animal park, Parc d’Aus, where the owner kindly let us do some filming. There’s no stock footage on any of the videos.

The name Anna has become something of a talisman for us. Rod wrote the lyrics some time before meeting Finn’s friend, the artist who is doing the album artwork – Anna! When a pedal for Finn’s electric guitar failed to arrive several times, we were helped tremendously by a woman at the shop – Anna! That name keeps cropping up.

The full video will be posted on the website soon, but meanwhile have a look at a short taster of what’s to come below. Let us know what you think in the comments further down.