‘Do not leave your suitcase unattended.’

All the lyrics for our song The Inspector are taken from train guard announcements. So there was only one place to go.

We had a great time, with fine acting by one of Rod’s nephews! We had to sweet-talk the train guards to allow filming and even tested their patience by holding up the train to film a suitcase being thrown off!

A prop (handset) was left on the train and the guard kindly phoned the depot in an attempt to track it down ready for our second day of filming. The prop was passed from guard to guard on various trains and Rod finally drove to a tiny station late in the evening to flag down the train and collect the handset.

Day two of filming went well and we will be posting the full video on the website shortly. We would love to hear what you think of the final result! Do please send us a comment. Meanwhile please watch the short teaser below to see what’s coming down the line . . .